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COVID-19 has impacted many. COBE is here to help!

If you need help with urgent "essential construction" for the medical and high-tech/bio-tech industries, contact us.



"Be a Pandemic Hero" by donating PPE supplies

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We've been busy setting up screening tents, building isolation barriers and sourcing critical supplies and equipment for local hospitals.


Pre-construction Planning & Estimating

COBE understands that getting involved early with a project team is key to ensuring that the project will stay within budget, meet completion deadlines, and maintain the quality you would expect from a great builder.

Fast-Track Scheduling

Completing projects on time is crucial in our fast-paced region of the world. We understand that delayed projects can exponentially increases costs and decrease profits. Careful planning and scheduling is crucial to project success

Construction Management

COBE takes every step along the way with our clients to make sure their project is truly successful. With one clear vision and goal, our experienced team take responsibility in delivering on this promise.



COBE Construction is a talented group of Commercial Builders & Engineers that take great pride in providing exceptional value to every project. At our core, COBE is an innovative company that has spent the past 15 years developing and using our own proprietary software   (COBE HUB) and processes to better enable the fast paced world of commercial construction. We are fortunate to work with many of the best and well known high tech companies and small businesses in Silicon Valley. We believe our success is in large part due to our amazing employees with their can-do attitudes, our family-like culture and the company core values.



Our seasoned team of project managers and superintendents bring years of experience and creativity to solve construction problems.

Preventing injury at job sites is a top concern at COBE. We take safety very seriously which has resulted in an excellent safety record.

Attention to detail is expected on every project. This obsession with quality is carried through our subcontractor partners and vendors.

The software available for contractors in early 2000's was minimal. So like any Silicon Valley company, COBE developed its own custom PM software. Named "COBE HUB", our software allows us to communicate, manage and track our projects like no other company.