Technical Construction is our Passion

COBE Construction is a commercial general contractor specializing in technically challenging projects, serving clients all throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley. Whether its a new high-tech Dental Office, installing a new tool in a fab or a complete cleanroom expansion, COBE Construction is dedicated to performing at the highest standards to meet our client's expectations.


Founded on the belief that "Exceptional People Bring Success", COBE has built an experienced and passionate team of project managers that deliver on promises with the goal to exceed expectations. And since COBE can't do it alone, only the best subcontractors. suppliers and vendors are selected to work on COBE projects.


COBE Construction's tremendous growth is a direct result of the large amount of repeat business and client referrals. This is done by surpassing expectations and delivering on promises. Satisfied clients are the key to the future of COBE Construction Inc.

Our History

Why start COBE Construction? For one reason only; the passion to create a better company where people excel and enjoy building. After spending several years in the commercial construction industry, the founders of COBE Construction believed there was an opportunity for a more professional and technical general contractor in the commercial building market.  Starting small with a few engineers in 2003 in Campbell, California, COBE focused on building a client base strictly from referrals.  This strategy paid off as COBE has built out or designed over 1500 projects since day one.  


We may not be as small as we were in 2003, but we still think like a small company.  Our team believes that every project is a shared project – not one department’s or another’s. Every team member has a passion for engineering and building no matter the complexity or size of a project. Known for being flexible, always seeing the client’s point of view first, COBE will make sure the client understands the progress of the project every step of the way.  No hidden costs; no hidden agendas; only value brought to every project.

Our Motto​

Professionals Building Excellence.

We are fanatical about making a difference in the commercial construction industry.

We believe in building it right the first time.

What’s changed over the years?

In the early 2000’s we were innovative with the technology that existed - you remember Palm Pilot?


Fast forward to today and we are still innovative except now we have developed sophisticated software for laptops, iPhones, and iPads that we use on every construction project. In the field, our engineers are often found accessing accessing critical information from our extensive reference library on their iPhones. This saves a lot of time and prevents mistakes.

With over 35 members on the COBE team, we still believe that we can push the industry to be more professional and technically effective.

What's remained the same...

Our dedication to our clients. With the firm belief that we are their advocate and partner in every project, our goal on every project is always the same, a successful project conclusion for our client.


This usually means many sacrifices, but we have proven over the last decade that this is who we are. We will not be satisfied unless we have done everything in our power to make every project a success for our client. And this has worked; almost every job we are involved in is a referral from a previous client.


Just as important is that many of our employees have been with COBE for many years.  An obvious advantage to COBE and our clients – the years of experience stays in house! This fact is one of our proudest accomplishments.

Mission Statement

COBE Construction is a group of dedicated professionals whose mission is to continually exceed client expectations providing the best quality and value; guaranteed.

Our Values


At the end of the day, our integrity and reputation is our most prized possession. We value the trust that our clients have in us and honor that with our commitment to be available, honest and always try our best to “do the right thing” for our clients.


Every successful project starts with a great team. We place a high value on being a good teammate and collaborating with others to make the project succeed. It’s not enough to be a leader, we have to listen to others and lead the team to achieve the objectives of our client.


With the deadline pressures that we face today, it’s easy to overlook quality. We feel that there is no compromise when it comes to quality. Not only does it feel rewarding to do a quality job, We are committed to delivering quality on each project.


In construction, good relationships are vital to project success. Relationships built on trust and understanding allow us to tackle challenges without hesitation. We have built long-term relationships with top subcontractors, vendors and clients which has led to repeat business and subs that will “go the extra mile” for us and our clients.


We know that nobody is perfect but that doesn’t’ stop us from striving for perfection. Over the past 15 years our “Continuous Improvement Program” has led to many new ideas, process changes, technology innovations and our own custom web-based software. Each week, our staff share “lessons learned” to help the team learn as we strive to improve each day.

The COBE Culture:  Work hard, Play hard

Who said work can’t be fun. Not COBE employees! They take their work seriously but that doesn’t stop them from having fun just the same.  Stop by COBE some day after work and you will often find a handful of employees battling it out on the ping pong table. If you really want to see the spirit of Team COBE, come and watch a paint ball war or a Go-Kart race.

A Passion for Building and Learning

The love of learning and improving is part of our culture.

We believe in the value of education and training. We attend conferences and trade shows to gather the latest in construction techniques and strategies. We teach each other new concepts and ideas each week in staff presentations. Our passion for building and learning is deeply rooted into our culture.

Work hard, Play hard

It’s rare that you find a job that you are surrounded with people who all have the same devotion and drive. Each COBE employee was selected for their individual talent and experience which makes the team complete. We take pride in knowing that we deliver clients expectations and always keep lines of communication accessible.

Sweating for a Good Cause

For a good cause, COBE employees will put on their running shoes and participate in several races to raise money for local charities.

Employees are encouraged to bring their spouses and children to join them in making it a “family affair”. Past events include the annual SJ Turket Trot, Wharf to Wharf and The Great Race.

Getting fit and staying fit is part of the COBE culture. Our extensive weight and exercise room is available to all employees to use during lunch or before & after work. Every employee is a hands-on contributor and wears several hats. This atmosphere promotes a spirt of teamwork where we have each others backs in work or play.

Community Involvement

COBE founders, Ben Olson and Shaun Olson, grew up in this community and are thankful to be able to give back to local organizations including ...

  • March of Dimes

  • Team in Training

  • Back to School Supplies/Target

  • SJSU ASCE Student Chapter

  • San Jose Turkey Trot

  • Pumas Tremors Soccer

  • St Lucy’s Parish School

  • Tower Foundation SJSU

  • Ravenswood Family Health Center

  • Loma Public Education Fund

  • Debbie Demicell Memorial Fund

  • Read-A-Thon

  • Cambrian Park Little League

  • Los Gatos Little League

  • Girls on the Run - Silicon Valley​

  • Emmaus Inn Ministries

  • Christian Worship Center - Women's Home

  • Second Harvest Food Bank

  • Sunday Friends

  • Notre Dame HS San Jose

Our Running Shirt Says It All

Our COBE running shirts express what we believe.....

"Run when you can,

Walk if you have to,

Crawl if you must;

Just never give up"

This speaks to our dedication

to completing the mission.... 

whether a 10k run or a 10 month construction project.

498 Salmar Ave
Campbell, CA 95008

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