COVID-19 Exposure Prevention & Response Policy

The employees, subcontractors, and clients of COBE Construction are vitally important to the continued success and future of the company. As such, COBE takes their health and welfare very seriously, at all times.

Currently, the outbreak of COVID-19, represents a threat to all and every effort must be taken to mitigate its spread in both the public and private sectors. The counties that make up the greater San Francisco Bay Area have issued strict guidelines to be followed in the construction industry so that we may return to work. COBE Construction will strictly adhere to those guidelines and will immediately begin observing the following protective measures at all jobsites.

  1. COBE COVID-19 Response Policy – This details our understanding of the requirements and the measures we are taking to eliminate exposure.

  2. Daily Screening App – Our COVID-19 Safety Compliance Officer will use our BuildCenter App to screen each person prior to entering any jobsite. Be prepared to provide required personal information.

  3. Daily Screening Protocol Poster – The information on this poster is required to be posted at construction site entrances and exits.

  4. Jobsite Rules - This details our rules to help protect everyone on the jobsite and especially our loved ones who are more vulnerable.

  5. Project Safety Protocols - The information on this poster is required to be posted at construction site entrances, exits, and throughout the jobsite.

  6. SOP for Wildfire Smoke - The purpose of this is to describe standardized procedures to be observed when air quality affected by wildfire smoke and as measured by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (or similar agencies), reaches pollution concentration levels that are determined to be potentially unhealthy.


In addition to these documents, we are creating checklists, inspection cards, site specific safety plans, signage, cleaning directions, etc. so you can have confidence in our job site safety procedures.

We also ask that you make provisions to protect your own staff as recommended by public health officials, including, but not limited to:

  • Providing PPE (personal protective equipment) and clothing that meets required standards to mitigate transmission of infectious respiratory illnesses.

  • Provide cleaning and sanitation materials such that employees are able to perform sanitation measures.

  • Require employees who are ill or potentially ill to stay away from work or to work remotely, and not to enter or attempt to enter, COBE job sites.

We appreciate your organization’s support as we work together in overcoming COVID-19.

Keep Safe and Stay Healthy,
COBE Construction, Inc.

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PPE Collection Drive

Supporting Pandemic Heroes!!!

With the very generous donations from clients and friends, COBE was able to make multiple rounds of PPE donations to St. Louise Regional Hospital in Gilroy, including a “Thank You” banner featuring COBE kids.


On top of PPE donations, we were also able to provide 20 box lunches courtesy of Cook Engineering, for the nurses, doctors, and medical staff working very hard to save lives. Thank you to everyone for their wonderful donations, and please continue to stay safe during this pandemic! #healthcareheroes

Healthcare workers are on the front lines of this pandemic. If you have any PPE (masks, face shields, medical gowns) and are willing to donate (even 5 or 10 masks would help). please call or text our donation hotline at: 408-799-2983. Help us keep our health care workers safe....donate today!