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Since 2003, COBE has built over 300 dental & medical offices. The specialized knowledge and precise timing required to build-out these offices requires expertise and experience. COBE offers both with a seasoned team of professional project managers and  superintendents who are dedicated to the success of each dental/medical office project.

New Dental Office Interior

Opening a new medical/dental office or moving your practice to a new location is a major decision. The key to a successful outcome is picking a good team that shares your goals.


COBE Construciton is usually brought in early in the process to evaluate possible office locations, provide our assessment of the property and provide early cost estimates.


Once a location is selected, COBE often works closely with the design team evaluate existing conditions, research costs and guide the design to stay on budget.


Our team of superintendents and project managers ensure that each and every project is built with attention to every detail and the schedule is met.

"Extreme Makeover"

Many existing offices are outdated and are no longer representative of the quality care that is provided. The problem is that busy offices can't afford to close down for a few months for a full re-do.


COBE Construction has figured out how to execute amazing "extreme makover" projects within very small time frames.


We use extensive planning and coordination prior to starting to ensure that we complete on time.

Building Alterations & Large Clinics

COBE Construction has the unique qualifications to not only build medical/dental interiors but also the building shell or "envelope".


COBE has built new offices from the ground up, added on to buildings to expand them, re-worked the shell to accommodate new ceilings with skylights.


In addition COBE has built many large OSHPD 3 dental clinics that require special construction materials.

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