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What is different about COBE Construction? A lot. Since our formation in 2003, we have pushed ourselves to be different in ways that serve our client's needs. Here are the top 3 COBE differences.

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The Team

In construction, it's all about the team.

COBE Construction is a talented group of commercial builders and engineers that take great pride in their work. The team is made up of seasoned professionals and younger staff with lots of energy and ideas. This mix of talent and experience allows COBE to put the best team together based on the projects needs. Need experts in cleanrooms? Got that. Need experts in medical/dental offices? Got that too. Need OSHA 30 trained supervision. Done.


COBE's success is directly related to these amazing employees with their can-do attitudes, our family-like culture and the company core values that they share.

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The Tools

We need the best we had to build our own!

At our core, COBE is an innovative company that has spent the past 17 years developing and using our own proprietary construction management software called "The HUB". It allows our team to spend more time solving problems than pushing paper or updating spreadsheets.


COBE has also developed unique processes and checklists to better enable the fast paced world of commercial construction. Only the best tools will do and we intend to keep investing time and money into further development.


The Approach

Like anything in life, how you approach a challenge determines your level of success

Construction is full of challenges and there are many ways to approach those challenges. In the past, many GC's would use strong arm tactics on subcontractors and become confrontational with clients. That isn't COBE.


COBE believes in building lasting construction partnerships with clients, subcontractors, architects and engineers based on fairness and respect. We're all on the same team and in the end, we all want a successful project that we can be proud of. When you take this approach and truly apply it, amazing things happen. People work together to solve problems and it leads to better outcomes for all.