Biotechnology | Pharmaceutical Facilities

COBE Construction understands the specific requirements for building research laboratories and manufacturing facilities for the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industry.


We are committed to make sure that the projects are built exactly the way the design was prepared, knowing that the project will be required to meet strict regulations as well as have the highest level of sterility and cleanliness. We understand the unique aspects of facilities for the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industry such as fume hoods, HVAC controls, specific casework, work surfaces, and facility finishes.


When we work for a cGMP facility we realize how important it is to keep accurate and complete documentation on all aspects of the construction project. We know that this documentation is one of the most important aspects of a Biotechnology or Pharmaceutical project because this is the only way the facility will meet the cGMP regulations set by the US Food and Drug Administration. We will start to build the turnover package for the client as soon as the project starts so that nothing is left out. We will also work closely with the validation company to aid their IQ/OQ/PQ qualification work.


We understand that the only way to ensure success for a Biotechnology or Pharmaceutical project is to work closely with the client, architect, mechanical/electrical/process engineers, validation companies, mechanical, electrical subcontractors to make sure that in the end the project is finished on time and without compromises.