Cleanrooms | High-Tech

COBE Construction Inc. has the experience and technical capability to work in Silicon Valley's most advanced cleanrooms and High Technology Facilities. Our personnel have specific training in the essential cleanroom protocols and special safety procedures that our High Technology clients require. We have worked in and/or constructed Class 1 to Class 100,000 Clean Rooms throughout the Bay Area. COBE Construction has the capabilities to Design/Build the most advanced Clean Rooms that can be built today. We have experience working in hazardous occupancies that demand the highest attention to detail.


COBE Construction has partnered with the top Architects, Engineers, Mechanical and Electrical Contractors in the industry to complete projects that have exceeded our client’s expectations.


We also understand that the key element of a successful project is to complete the project on or before the scheduled finish date. Our personnel always provides the extra effort that is required to make this happen.